We Have Your Style

Light Layering.  Designers use layers to create unique looks. Did you know you can use it to add depth and dimension to a room, switch the mood in an instant and showcase your favorite things. 

There are a few light layering ideas.  Add imagination and you’ll be layering brilliant looks. 

The 3 Layers of Lighting


Layer 1 – Ambient Layer:  Its the foundation for distinctive lighting.


Layer 2 – Accent Layer:  Accent lighting is about casting a glow on your favorite things, as well as decorative – including fixtures that make a design statement and those that complement a room, furnishings and things like sculptures, plants, books…whatever it is in your home you want to illuminate.

Ideas for accent lighting:   pendant over a bar, counter or kitchen island, a sconce on the wall or a light inside a bookshelf that makes a great room shine.


Layer 3 – Task Layer:  Is the light you need to get the daily. This layer of lighting is concentrated where routine tasks get accomplished, for example homework, cooking, putting on your makeup, brushing your teeth, etc. That’s why task lighting is often under or over cabinets and around mirrors.

Be innovative and creative with your lighting in each room, there is no right or wrong answer; We Have Your Style.