Top Lighting Trends of 2019

The best thing about the New Year? New lights! Between the Dallas Lightovation Show we visited last month and the new product line releases, we are now seeing the newest in lighting trends for 2019!

This year brings some exciting new looks for lighting, read on to see some of our favourite styles.


Bold & Big

To us, Lighting has always been a mix of art and functionality, and the trend of unique, bold, and big lights really bring that idea to life. We are seeing visually diverse lighting designs that really break away from the traditional. These lights work to create an aesthetic to any room in the house.


The Trapezoid LED Pendant from ET2


Natural Materials

Another trend emerging this year is the use of natural materials, such as wood and clay, as a feature point for lights. We are also seeing nature elements being incorporated into designs, from bamboo finishes to tree branch designs.  These touches can bring a bit of rustic charm to your space!

The Enchanted Pendant Light by Corbett Lighting

Update Industrial

Industrial lighting has been pretty on trend for the last few years, but this year we are seeing more of a refined use of the Edison bulbs, wire cages, and dark bronze finishes that define the industrial look.  These pieces can help take a bland room and elevate it.

The Aeon Chandelier by Troy Lighting

Brass & Glass

Glass, as well as brass, have always been a mainstay in lighting design. This year we are seeing the two materials used together in an interesting way. The balance created by the airy, light glass and the solid, stable brass creates a harmonious light that brings together different aesthetics.

The Bunker collection from Savoy house
The Bunker collection from Savoy house


Modern Vintage

The juxtaposition of old and new has always been a beautiful way to create visually appealing spaces. This year we are seeing an updated take on the vintage look, with everything from 1930’s Tiffany’s styled stained glass to the colourful, rounded look of the 1960’s.  These lights can certainly add a dash of personality to your room!

The Dolcetti Light by Corbett Lighting

Every year we see new, beautiful takes on lighting, but one thing always remains the same. Lights are as important as any other design element when creating a space that reflects you.

Whether you love a traditional crystal chandelier or a modern industrial cage light, Lando Lighting Online has your style!