Open Concept

Open Concept

An open concept is like an open window. Think of lighting as your window of opportunity be as creative as you see your space.  In viewing open floor plans think and plan the space.  What is your focus in each area of the open space.  Think about what colour and finishes you see, that will flow throughout the space.  Also keep in mind how  you wish to define each area.  When thinking of the centre of the room, a chandelier, fan, or mini pendants. 


Finishes – Colour, Materials:  The beauty of an open concept is how it flows. Moving from space to space and yet knowing how each area of the space is defined.

Color:  Your kitchen island countertop may vary in shades of gray and you accessorize with green or blue. Carry the neutral (gray) throughout the space and have pops of colors – a green vase, a blue throw, a green or blue floor lamp or single pendant light over a reading chair.

Materials and Finishes: Having a material or finish through your open space can enhance the overall flow of the space. For example, a texture rug or upholstery or a metal finish in a semi-flush ceiling light that matches your kitchen cabinet hardware. An important note: this idea can go the other way too – switching a material or finish can be a cue that you’re switching “rooms” within your open floor plan.

Knowing how and when a room begins and stops:   Open concepts give you allot of different options. You get to choose the design elements and how you use them. Some ways to divide the open space can be area rugs, furniture groupings and lighting.

Area rugs may be large enough to create a space – for example sofa, chairs, coffee tables ottoman, creating a sitting area.

Furniture grouping is important, the angles at which you place your furniture can help you define your space its surprising what a new angle can do. A table behind a couch or a bookshelf can create the illusion of a “wall” in an open concept.

Lifestyle:  In an open concept, it’s a lifestyle change on how you wish to see your room flow and a flare of your personality. Lighting enhances the uniqueness of your open concept.