Fall Cleaning

With summer officially behind us, it’s time to prepare for cooler days ahead.Taking care of your lighting fixtures, doesn’t take a lot of time.  Regular lighting maintenance maximizes light output and keeps your bulbs burning energy-efficiently and your fixtures looking fabulous.

When dealing with electricity. Before you clean any fixture, inside your home or outside, make sure the power is off. That means beyond the switch – turn off power at its source before you do any lighting cleaning or maintenance – even if you’re just changing a bulb

Light safely
Lighting Fixture in your foyer? Don’t try reaching it from the landing on your staircase. It might not work out so well. The same goes for flush and semi-flush ceiling fixtures. If you are not 100% within comfortable reach of a lighting fixture, figure out how to get to it in a safe and secure way. Need a step ladder? Use one. If you need a full-size ladder, enlist a friend to hold the ladder steady.

Once a week
Dust gathers on ceiling fan bulbs and blades, downlights, flush and semi-flush lighting. These fixtures are simple to build into a weekly cleaning routine – all you need is a long-handle duster and a step ladder.

Twice a year
Chandeliers and ceiling fixtures be sure you have a plan before you begin. Think spring and fall cleaning keep in mind that caring for your light fixtures keeps it looking great.

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