Outside Lighting

A Brilliant Impression Begins Outside Outdoor Lighting impressions, it’s warm and welcoming, safe and secure. At twilight it starts twinkling. And after dark, it casts that beautifully warm year-round glow. Kind of like a neighborhood night light. Whether you hire a lighting professional or you do it yourself, well-designed landscape lighting is well worth the …


OUTDOOR   LIGHTING  –  All Paths Lead to Lando Your outdoor lighting is an extension of your outdoor living.  From the patios, decks, eating area, driveway, front and back of your home.  Good lighting outside, increases the value of your home, and an added space for outdoor living.  Front Door Exterior Entrance; Exterior Lighting defines …

New Year, New Lighting

New Year, New Lighting Trends are constantly changing, that’s why we are heading to Dallas, for the Lighting Trade Market. Stay tuned for new and upcoming trends and styles.  Shop at your convenience, ONLINE or OFFLINE, at our showroom. We look forward to assisting you with all your lighting needs. … Get Lit with Lando

Boxing Day Sale

Boxing Day Sale December 26th to December 30th   Our Boxing Day Sale starts December 26th until December 30th. Get 30% off of everything on our website; online only with the promo code BoxingDay30. Come into our showrrom for boxing week and see our offline sales, Get Lit with Lando!